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Stephen Hawes
1475 - 1511


O MORTAL folk, you may behold and see
How I lie here, sometime a mighty knight.
The end of joy and all prosperity
Is death at last--through his course and might.
After the daye there cometh the dark night:
For though the daye be never so long,
At last the bell ringeth to even-song.

The Knighthood

FOR knighthood is not in the feats of warre,
As for to fight in quarrel right or wrong,
But in a cause which truth can not defarre*:            [defeat]
He ought himself for to make sure and strong
Justice to keep mixt with mercy among:
      And no quarrel a knight ought to take
      But for a truth, or for a woman's sake.





2007 Elena and Yacov Feldman